Online therapy

Online therapy, also called teletherapy, or video therapy, is available.  Since I am only licensed in Colorado, the law says, I can only see people who are in Colorado, or some foreign countries. 

I also offer text-only therapy by using a secure texting application. Cost is $25/week (probably not covered by insurance). This is only available for those who still live in Colorado, or those outside of the United States.

This mode of therapy is good for maintaining the gains you made in face-to-face counseling, or for long-term, slower paced therapy.

What to expect:

  • Text me when you have a question, need support, or just want to check in.
  • Be aware I am NOT online all day. I check messages a couple times a day and will respond within a few hours, or by the next day. (Generally Not on weekends or holidays.)
  • This is NOT appropriate for crisis or urgent situations, or for those needing a high level of interaction.
  • Texting therapy is NOT a replacement for regular therapy. There is not enough interaction to work through issues.