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Availability as of July 21, 2021:
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Do you need someone who is non-judgmental, easy-going, and comfortable to talk with?

Do you need a more flexible appointment time? Do you want a counselor that you can see later in the evening, or even first thing in the morning? Occasionally on the weekend? One you can text between sessions for support? By video or phone? I can help with that.

Mainly, I work with those who are anxious, depressed, and victims of trauma. Together, we will search for the solutions you need to function better in your life.

I use a variety of therapeutic approaches, including humor, CBT, EMDR, Solutions Focused therapy, and others. I can teach you a new set of coping skills, help identify thought patterns that are holding you back, or perhaps use EMDR to reduce your trauma symptoms to make it easier to get back out there.

The age range I work with best with is 16 and older.  I am friendly to all walks of life.

Reach out for a free consultation Let’s find out if we are a good match for each other.